A Life, Freed

The riveting conclusion to Rowan’s powerful story explores the power of friendship, love, and the belief in oneself.

A Life Freed
Rowan Slone is settling into her first semester at college. On her own for the first time, she’s enjoying her work at the animal shelter, and she’s finally feeling in control of her life.

But the past is back. When her old boyfriend texts out of nowhere, Rowan starts to feel that familiar fear that her life is about to be turned upside down—and not in a good way. Her mother’s new psychiatrist wants Rowan involved in her therapy even though Rowan wants nothing to do with her.

When tensions begin to arise between her and best friend, Jess, who is struggling being a new mother, Rowan becomes confused and angry at her friend who is leaving her to pick up the childcare slack.

It’s time for Rowan to finally deal with her past. Will soul-searching help her achieve that elusive sense of peace and family she’s always craved or will the pain of the past prove too great?

I thought this was a great conclusion. I had gotten attached to Rowan, and was curious as to how her story would end. Rowan his been through a lot in the last two books, and the only thing I could think when starting this one was how much more can she possible go through? Well, the answer is a lot. Amazon Review

Nothing is ever simple in Rowan’s life, and even when she thinks she’s on an even keel her boat hits stormy waters. Now she must stay afloat when all around her begin to collapse. She must support her best friend, Jess, and help her cope with her young baby, while she, herself, struggles to complete college work, hold down her job, and face her past once more. I love Hewitt Meyer’s ability to entwine description into the story, to bring moments of beauty to moments of despair. This book will dip into each of your senses as Rowan tries to pull her life out of a tailspin. The writing is clear, crisp and emotional, and once again Hewitt Meyer will tug at your heartstrings. Amazon Review

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