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  • A Life Forward, Pre-Order for November 5, 2020.
    Appalachian teen Rowan Slone has left her dysfunctional, violent past behind. She’s ready for her senior year in high school, she has a new job that she loves, and a safe place to call home. Rowan is close to achieving everything she’s ever wanted—a sense of family, a sense of purpose, and a sense of self. But there are cracks in Rowan’s new life as relationship issues threaten to send her future crumbling to the ground, including managing self-harm impulses. When her long-held secret is discovered, Rowan must find the courage to fight for the most important thing yet—herself. Pre-Order your […]
  • A Life, Redefined Review by B. Lynn Goodwin
    Emotional Honesty Reigns: The teen world is complex and filled with highs and lows. Meyer digs into them fearlessly, creating imagery and a story for teens and adults alike. Read it for yourself and see how much you root for Rowan. […]
  • A Life, Redefined is released into the world today
    A searing, troubling, poignant and hopeful glance into one teen’s life. This novel tackles domestic violence, racism, teen pregnancy, self-harm, infanticide. It also dives into teen romance, how help and support can come from the unlikeliest of places, and how life can change—for the better—in an instant. We never know what the future holds. Hold tight, my readers. […]
  • A Life, Redefined is available for pre-order now. Release date 3/12/2020.
    Seven years ago, an innocent act by Rowan Slone turned her life into a nightmare. Since the age of ten she’s lived with the burden of her baby brother’s death. Now she is seventeen and all she wants to do is graduate high school, go to college, and escape the loveless family she has endured all these years—the same family that holds her responsible for his death. But no one holds her responsible more than herself. When long-time crush Mike Anderson invites her to the Prom, suddenly her future looks brighter. Rowan’s younger sister, Trina, however, is determined to ruin her […]
  • On Being An Introvert-Acquiring the Elusive Quiet Mind
    I am the victim of the times–surrounded by constant stimulation, whether it be text alerts, social media, murmuring television or radio in the background, people talking to me, at me…the absolute dreaded phone call. As someone who leans so far into the introvert category, I could easily spend a solid week (or more?) completely alone, without talking to a soul. I absorb quiet like a tonic I can drink, like a vapor I can smell. I need quiet like I need food, water, air. But I am rarely immersed in quiet. It is so rare, in fact, that I feel like my mind is under constant assault. And if I do […]

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