Generation Annihilation

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer

November 15, 2022
Release Date Announced: Generation Annihilation will be available across all platforms in October, 2023. Set in an abandoned lunatic asylum in rural West Virginia, Generation Annihilation follows the terrifying and haunting experience of Shaun Treadway as he fights a...

Publishers Weekly U.S. Book Show

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer

May 22, 2021
The inaugural U.S. Book Show is a three-day virtual conference conceived and crafted by Publishers Weekly to serve the bookselling, library, media and book publishing industry. The most trusted voice in the industry for 150 years, Publishers Weekly offers deep...

For Immediate Release

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer

November 13, 2020
Award-winning YA Author Tracy Hewitt Meyer Tackles Dysfunctional Family Relationships and Self-harm in the Emotionally Charged Rowan Slone Series. The emotional trauma of abusive and dysfunctional family relationships is a reality many children and teenagers face....

More Screams For Your Horror Dreams Giveaway

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer

October 30, 2020
Enter for a chance to win The Reformation of Marli Meade, or one of the other amazing prizes. One lucky winner will win a chilling Whiteland gift package. Package includes a signed, hardcover copy of Whiteland by Rosie Cranie-Higgs, a Whiteland poster (suitable for...

A Life Forward, Pre-Order for November 5, 2020.

By: shepme

September 2, 2020
Appalachian teen Rowan Slone has left her dysfunctional, violent past behind. She’s ready for her senior year in high school, she has a new job that she loves, and a safe place to call home. Rowan is close to achieving everything she’s ever wanted—a sense of family, a...

A Life, Redefined Review by B. Lynn Goodwin

By: Tracy Hewitt Meyer

April 12, 2020
Emotional Honesty Reigns How can anyone redefine who she or he is? As adults we know we can change ourselves but we can’t change anyone else. For teens the boundaries are not so clear. In Tracy Hewitt Meyer’s dramatic YA, A Life, Redefined, Rowan Sloan is a teenager...