Hi folks, and a very happy Wednesday to ya. I just returned from two days in the famed New York City where I picked up some new hardware.
My YA thriller, The Reformation of Marli Meade, won gold in the Best Regional Fiction category, Mid-Atlantic region. What does best regional fiction mean? It’s not about where the author is from (like I thought originally, I admit), but rather the content of the book speaks about the region in some meaningful way, all while wrapped up in the work of fiction.

The Reformation of Marli Meade is set in rural West Virginia, and is about 16 yr old Marli Meade. The story follows her as she tries to break free from her father’s cultish, puritanical church, in pursuit of the life of a ‘normal’ teenager.

It’s dark, realistic, frightening, and hopeful. Interested? Check out my website for purchase links: http://www.TracyHewittMeyer.com.

And here are two final pictures from the awards ceremony, because, why not? One is of me after I got the award. The other is of me biting my medal because, well, isn’t that what the olympians do?